Be Smart, Be Prepared: 72 Hour Emergency Kits

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72 Hour Emergency Kits: Why You Need One

These kits are not only practical, but essential in today’s changing society, climate and world. The provide not only peace of mind, but also a practical solution to everyday worries. No one wants to be an alarmist, but isn’t better to be safe than sorry? If a disaster strikes, be prepared; not just for your own sake, but for your family’s as well.

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What Do I Need in My 72 hour Emergency Kit?

  • First Aid Kit
    The best kits will have a much broader selection of first-aid items and also include a comprehensive first-aid book.
  • Food
    Your kit should only have foods specifically made to be non-thirst provoking, provide high calories (for energy), be low in protein (requires less water of digestion), not affected by high heat (think, car trunk in the summer), have a long shelf-life and yet still tastes good.
  • Water
    The best way to store water in your kit is using U.S. Coast Guard Approved “Lifeboat” water ration pouches. They have a 5 year shelf-life. At a minimum you should have 3 to 4 pouches (4 oz each) per day per person (or means to collect and store more).
    • Flashlight & Radio: 
      A radio should be included so you can hear the latest news reports and updates. Be sure batteries are included and that you rotate them every couple of years, or include a windup rechargeable solar/dynamo radio.
    • Shelter, Heat & Warmth:
      A heavy mil thickness ‘tube tent’ makes a low cost shelter for 2 people and should be included in your kit (it can also be used as a signaling device). Your kit should also have several items to cover the basics of Heat & Warmth, too, such as a long burning candle with MATCHES (for light & heat), instant pocket hand warmers and a Space® Blanket for each person. As always, remember quality. Most companies will only use low cost inferior knockoffs.
  • Miscellaneous:
    Pen or pencil; dust masks; whistle; nylon cord; multi-function tool or knife;playing cards (to help pass the time); leather gloves


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