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Be Smart, Be Prepared: 72 Hour Emergency Kits

72 Hour Emergency Kits: Why You Need One

These kits are not only practical, but essential in today’s changing society, climate and world. The provide not only peace of mind, but also a practical solution to everyday worries. No one wants to be an alarmist, but isn’t better to be safe than sorry? If a disaster strikes, be prepared; not just for your own sake, but for your family’s as well.

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What Do I Need in My 72 hour Emergency Kit?

  • First Aid Kit
    The best kits will have a much broader selection of first-aid items and also include a comprehensive first-aid book.
  • Food
    Your kit should only have foods specifically made to be non-thirst provoking, provide high calories (for energy), be low in protein (requires less water of digestion), not affected by high heat (think, car trunk in the summer), have a long shelf-life and yet still tastes good.
  • Water
    The best way to store water in your kit is using U.S. Coast Guard Approved “Lifeboat” water ration pouches. They have a 5 year shelf-life. At a minimum you should have 3 to 4 pouches (4 oz each) per day per person (or means to collect and store more).
    • Flashlight & Radio: 
      A radio should be included so you can hear the latest news reports and updates. Be sure batteries are included and that you rotate them every couple of years, or include a windup rechargeable solar/dynamo radio.
    • Shelter, Heat & Warmth:
      A heavy mil thickness ‘tube tent’ makes a low cost shelter for 2 people and should be included in your kit (it can also be used as a signaling device). Your kit should also have several items to cover the basics of Heat & Warmth, too, such as a long burning candle with MATCHES (for light & heat), instant pocket hand warmers and a Space® Blanket for each person. As always, remember quality. Most companies will only use low cost inferior knockoffs.
  • Miscellaneous:
    Pen or pencil; dust masks; whistle; nylon cord; multi-function tool or knife;playing cards (to help pass the time); leather gloves


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Homemade Emergency Kits

DIY Emergency Kit

72 hour emergency kits are an asset in any type of disaster, natural or otherwise. In the case of any emergency, humans need the basics; food, water, shelter. If you choose to make your emergency kit at home, here are the survival gear that you will need to include.

Warmth and Shelter

Keep some emergency blankets (at least 2) in the kit. Space is always a concern, so you may want to try compact emergency blankets. Keep rain gear in your 72 hour emergency kit as well. Ponchos work the best and save the most space. Also, you will want a heavy duty tube tent, which will keep you from the elements in case of an emergency. In case your hands get cold, you should also have some instant heat packs for our hands or pockets. ALWAYS have waterproof matches on hand.

Water & Cleanliness
Have about 2 dozen purified drinking water pouches, wet wipe packages, and toilet paper. You could even have a portable toilet with you. Disposable sanitation bags are a must.

This is one of the most important elements of the 72 hour kit. Having a medical guide on hand can prove to be invaluable in a tough situation. You can gather items from around your house OR purchase an inexpensive kit online.

When an emergency happens, you may not have the resources to cook, so it is important to have some instant food on hand. High calorie ration bars are a good choice, and survival candy can be of help as well. You may as well pack some freeze dried food, just in case you can cook.

Cooking, Heating & Light
You will need an emergency candle that will last a long time (36 hours roughly). You will also require a big flashlight with extra batteries, or hand crank flashlight. Just in case you use up your batteries, you can keep an instant light stick in the 72 hour kit. Your water proof matches will help to get a fire going, if possible.

Your home-made 72 hour emergency kit will also require:

  • Heavy Duty Backpack
  • Swiss Army Knife
  • Whistle
  • Radio (with flashlight)
  • 50-75′ of nylon rope or cord
  • Pair of durable leather gloves
  • Writing pad and pencil
  • Dusts Masks
  • Playing cards – to keep occupied while waiting for rescue

Protect Your Whole Family

Emergency Kits for Children

Disasters can happen any time and can leave you and your family severely affected. It is a known fact that prevention is better than cure. So, don’t wait for any mishap to happen. Take preparations for any kind of disaster and be in a position to safeguard your family.

When we talk about emergency preparedness, we look into every single aspect. After you have ensured your own health, your children will need attention and we need to have proper planning will come in handy. To take care of children we need to prepare a child emergency disaster kit.

Above all, preparing your children with knowledge is the most crucial thing you can do:

  • Teach your children proper safety lessons about electrical outlets, lighters, stoves, etc.
  • As a family, plan escape routes out of your home in case of an emergency.
  • Give them emergency telephone numbers, so that they can call emergency services if required.
  • These little things can make a huge difference.

Making a child emergency disaster kit is very critical. Children not only need physical support but we also have to fulfill their mental and emotional needs. In a child emergency disaster kit the following items should be included:

  • First aid items like, one or two pairs of sterilized gloves, sterilized dressings, antiseptic soaps, creams, towels, ready-made bandages, thermometer, ice pack, pediatric medicines, prescribed supplements
  • Chocolate bars
  • Fruit juice
  • Energy malt drinks
  • Apart from staple foods, which you would take for everyone, you should take some extra food for children
  • Few little toys for the children just to keep them out of the trauma mentally
  • A radio set for their entertainment

Regularly check the emergency kit and update the items.

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