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Bio Wipes for your Emergency or Survival Kit

If you are looking for a biodegradable wipe that can be stored in your emergency supplies (or hunting gear, bug out bag etc…), you may have a use for Wysi Wipes.

Essentially, they are a compressed cloth tablet (the size of an oversize Rolaids or Tums), and to use them you just add a few drops of water, and then unravel them into a usable cloth (about the size of a normal facecloth). They store dry, so there is no issue with long term storage, and they are light so you can pack them  anywhere. They are also extremely durable. You may want to store them in your:

  • backpack gear for use on the trail
  • emergency preparedness kit
  • bug out bag
  • hunting equipment
  • camping gear

What Happens When There is No Dentist

Access to dental work is something that you may take for granted in North America. I know I do. I take for granted the fact that if I get a tooth ache or need dental work I can schedule an appointment and in a few days or less, the pain will be gone. However, there are many survival – type situations where access to a dentist may be restricted.

I found a great resource online that may provide some answers for you. Check out “Where there is no dentist”.

Emergency Preparedness – Ashton Kutcher is a Prepper

In the current issue of Men’s Fitness Magazine, Ashton Kutcher talks about being prepared for emergencies and what kind of havoc a major disaster would have on our North American way of life.

He told the magazine “It won’t take very much, I’m telling you. It will not take much for people to hit the panic button. The amount of convenience that people rely on based on electricity alone. You start taking out electricity and satellites, and people are going to lose their noodle. People don’t have maps anymore. People use their iPhones or GPS systems, so if there’s no electricity, nobody has maps.”

He talks about the potential for chaos if / when…

“And people are going to go, ‘That land’s not yours, prove that it’s yours,’ and the only thing you have to prove it’s yours is on an electric file. Then it’s like, ‘What’s the value of currency, and whose food is whose?’ People’s alarm systems at their homes will no longer work. Neither will our heating, our garbage disposals, hot-water heaters that run on gas but depend on electricity – what happens when all our modern conveniences fail? I’m going to be ready to take myself and my family to a safe place where they don’t have to worry.”

Interesting thoughts coming from a celebrity in Hollywood, which seems to half-dictate what our modern culture values are. I wonder how many other celebrities are secretly prepping, and to what degree?

article source: The Huffington Post

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