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Questions / Answers (Q & A)

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1. Is membership to free?

Yes! You can purchase and sell items on this site at no cost. You do however, have the option of paying a small fee to have your item featured on the homepage.

2. How do I transfer a restricted firearm?

Please visit the RCMP Restricted Firearms website to learn more about transferring ownership of a restricted firearm.

3. Does participate in the financial transaction of the sellable items on this website?

No. does not participate in the financial transaction of a sellable item. It is up to the two parties involved to coordinate the financial transaction.

4. What are the recommended ways to coordinate a transfer of a sellable item?

Face to Face is always the best way, but if you cannot do this there is another recommended way. Canada Post allows you to make instant money transfers to another Canada Post. If this was a province to province transaction, the seller can be at one Canada Post and the buyer can be at another. The money can be transferred instantly as the seller packages and sends their firearm in the mail from the other end.

5. Can I ship ammunition in Canada?

Check with your different carriers in the area as they each have their own rules. Even if they allow ammunition to be mailed, you may be required to get some paper work from the Department Of Transportation. Check with both parties before trying to jam aumminition in the mail slot.

6. How do I identify the make, model, and calibre of a firearm?

Most times the Make/Model/Calibre is stamped right on the firearms itself. You will find it stamped on the barrel, usually near the forearm of the stock. For some firearms, it is a little more hidden and in extremely hard cases, you can always check with your local RCMP.