Geothermal Energy

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What is Geothermal Energy?
Geothermal energy might seem confusing, but the principals behind it are very simple. Geothermal energy is simply the energy that comes from heating water, and from using hot water. This technology is nothing new, however it has become more popular in recent years due to the increasing demand for green power. Water is something that can be used as an energy source over and over again. Using geothermal energy is something that can be done without any pollution or greenhouse gas emissions, which means that it is completely green.

Uses for Geothermal Energy
Geothermal energy has been used for thousands of years for heating and to produce electricity. It power used to be harnessed in the form of hot springs. Today’s technology, however, means that we can drill wells into geothermal reservoirs and harness it’s amazing green power.

A common use for geothermal energy is in fishing farms. The water is heated, and the warmth makes it more possible for alligators, tropical fish, and other types of fish to grow in seasons and places where they wouldn’t normally thrive. The food industry uses geothermal energy for drying fruits and vegetables. It also is used to dry wood, wool, and get silver and gold out of ore. Another use for geothermal energy is to heat sidewalks and roads; this prevents them from freezing in the winter, which saves costs on concrete replacement and repair.

Geothermal power can also a generate electricity. Flashed stream plants use the advantages of geothermal energy to power their turbines. In these plants,  the water is flash boiled. Then, the stream is used to turn turbines. There are also dry steam plants (power plants that rely on actual natural steam). This steam comes from underground reserves, and is used to create electricity. Binary Power Plants also use geothermal power.The hot water is used to heat a secondary liquid, which is then vaporized. As this happens, turbines are turned and electricity is created. There are also Hybrid Power plants. These are plants that use both the binary techniques, and the flash techniques at the same time.

Geothermal energy has many uses; many farmers, for instance, have used geothermal energy for years to heat their greenhouses. In Italy, farms have been using geothermal energy to water their fields for hundreds of years. This allows them to grow vegetables in the winter, because the hot water will make it possible. Hungary is another country that uses geothermal energy, and has for a very long time. Approximately 5% of California’s power comes from geothermal energy produced by geysers.

Why Use Geothermal Energy?
This clean, renewable energy source is currently being used in 20 different countries and continues to rise in popularity . Why it isn’t being used more is somewhat of a mystery.
Geothermal energy is a reliable and completely renewable resource that can help our society in our quest for sustainable living. The question remains: Why NOT use geothermal energy?