Homemade Emergency Kits

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December 15, 2015 by

DIY Emergency Kit

72 hour emergency kits are an asset in any type of disaster, natural or otherwise. In the case of any emergency, humans need the basics; food, water, shelter. If you choose to make your emergency kit at home, here are the survival gear that you will need to include.

Warmth and Shelter

Keep some emergency blankets (at least 2) in the kit. Space is always a concern, so you may want to try compact emergency blankets. Keep rain gear in your 72 hour emergency kit as well. Ponchos work the best and save the most space. Also, you will want a heavy duty tube tent, which will keep you from the elements in case of an emergency. In case your hands get cold, you should also have some instant heat packs for our hands or pockets. ALWAYS have waterproof matches on hand.

Water & Cleanliness
Have about 2 dozen purified drinking water pouches, wet wipe packages, and toilet paper. You could even have a portable toilet with you. Disposable sanitation bags are a must.

This is one of the most important elements of the 72 hour kit. Having a medical guide on hand can prove to be invaluable in a tough situation. You can gather items from around your house OR purchase an inexpensive kit online.

When an emergency happens, you may not have the resources to cook, so it is important to have some instant food on hand. High calorie ration bars are a good choice, and survival candy can be of help as well. You may as well pack some freeze dried food, just in case you can cook.

Cooking, Heating & Light
You will need an emergency candle that will last a long time (36 hours roughly). You will also require a big flashlight with extra batteries, or hand crank flashlight. Just in case you use up your batteries, you can keep an instant light stick in the 72 hour kit. Your water proof matches will help to get a fire going, if possible.

Your home-made 72 hour emergency kit will also require:

  • Heavy Duty Backpack
  • Swiss Army Knife
  • Whistle
  • Radio (with flashlight)
  • 50-75′ of nylon rope or cord
  • Pair of durable leather gloves
  • Writing pad and pencil
  • Dusts Masks
  • Playing cards – to keep occupied while waiting for rescue