Uses for WD-40

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December 15, 2015 by

WD-40: Workhorse in a Can

One of my little hatchlings decided they would see what a crayon would do to my new LCD TV. When I saw the marks, I couldn’t believe it. I know that LCD screens can be sensitive to touch etc… and I wasn’t sure how I was going to  get the stains off. Ouch…

I did some searching around and apparently WD40 or rubbing alcohol do the trick. What I also found was that I was not alone in my circumstances; there are plenty of websites that offer condolences and information to help parents deal with coloring stains from their kids. In fact, even Crayola has a complete guide to removing stains that have been created by their products.

I didn’t try WD-40 as there was some mixed reviews about it, so I started with the rubbing alcohol. I tried a mixture of about 50/50 water to alcohol with no luck. I then just went to pure alcohol (don’t have a lot of patience). It took some gentle rubbing with a microfiber cloth, but it worked like a charm!

What does this have to do with survival?

Well, I stumbled across a great list of uses for WD40 during my research, and I had to let visitors of this site know about it. WD40 is one of the most useful compounds on the market, and should be considered a must in any home survival kit.  Here is a link to over 2000 uses for WD40 (and some are pretty unconventional). It would be a good idea to print this off and save it in your survival guide just in case you need to reference it. Enjoy!