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December 15, 2015 by

Micro Hydro Energy: Can You Dig It?

A form of renewable energy that might be interesting to many people is called micro hydro energy. Simply put, this is power generated from small scale water turbines placed near your residence or land. This is an alternative to general coal or oil power. However, it is a form of power that is limited to your area. If you happen to live in a place that has an accessible, and compatible river or creek running near it, you may be able to use micro hydro electricity in order to create power.

Micro hydro electricity is based on the same electric principals that have been making dams popular for many years. With a dam, electricity is produce by water in great amounts. However, dams change the natural flow of streams and rivers, which can damage the ecosystems and create problems with them. Micro Hydro energy is different. It uses the natural flow of the river or stream, without disrupting it and without damming it up. Therefore, there is hardly any environmental impact that is caused by the micro hydro energy.

The process is quite simple. Water-wheel turbines are put into a river or stream in a place where the water flows quickly. The water flows through the turbines or over them, and moves them in order to create the energy. This does not disrupt the flow of the water, and  because the turbines are made out of environmentally clean materials, they do not damage the environment or ecosystem. There might only be some small changes made in the area where the turbines are placed, but in general the micro hydro energy does not have an environmental impact. Micro hydro energy is also a great source of energy because while solar powered panels have to store their energy for night time use, and while wind turbines are dependent on the weather, micro hydro energy is only dependent on the stream and the flow of the water. Therefore, it will run day or night, and will not be dependent on the weather at all. You can produce power no matter what.

Also, the turbines that are place into the streams use moderate water flow. This means that you can use a softly flowing river or stream, without having to worry about finding one that is flowing quickly. However, the faster that the water is flowing, the more electricity that will be produced. Either way,you will be able to benefit from the electricity that is produced by the micro hydro energy.

Like other forms of renewable energy, your electricity is then gathered and harnessed, and sent to your home. If you are off the grid, you can power your home completely on the energy, providing you have a constant water source that is churning or slowing all year round. Being on the grid will mean that you have extra energy when you need it, and also that any excess energy you make may be sold back to the electric company.

Any change you make for you, your family and the environment will be a good change. With the abundance of natural resources at our fingertips, why not try and make changes like these (if possible) to maintain the only Earth we’ve got.