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How to Store Water

When considering drinking-water storage, be sure to use the proper water storage techniques. Water is a the most important necessity to have stockpiled in your house in order to ensure health. Water can be stored in both portable and permanent containers, made from plastic, glass, fiber glass or even certain metals. Containers such as used milk cartons (the plastic kind), bleach jugs and even empty canning jars can be used; Just make sure you wash them thoroughly before use. Never use any container that has previously held fuel, poisons, or other toxic chemicals. As well, it is important that all stored water is clearly labeled and dated.

If you’re looking to store large amounts of water, you can use swimming pools, large underground tanks, or an extra cistern.

If possible, look for containers that can be stacked on top of one another (obviously a more efficient storage solution). Also, if you are using large containers, you will want to keep a hand pump handy for extracting the water from the container easily. A hand pump is a lot less work than trying to lift a 5 gallon pail to pour yourself a glass of water.

To store water safely for a significant amount of time (4-6 months or more), you will want to condition it to prevent organism growth in the water.


Use 8 drops per gallon (4 litres) of clear water or ½ teaspoon for a 5 gallon container. Let the water stand for around 20-30 minutes, and if you can still smell chlorine it can be stored. If you don’t smell chlorine, then retreat the water.

Another method is heating the water, then jarring or canning it. Fill clean jars or cans until they are full within an inch of the top of the container. Then place them in a pressure cooker for 5 minutes, or boiling in a water bath (around 20 minutes for a quart, and 25-30 minutes for ½ gallon). When processed this way, the water will keep for years, providing the seal on your container doesn’t break down.

It is best to store the water in a cool place, but make sure it doesn’t freeze and break the container. You should also sample the water every 3-6 months. If the water happens to taste flat, it may be because the air normally in the water is gone. In order to infuse the water with the air, shake the container, or pour water from one container to another. This brings the taste back to as good a new!